Elise’s Story

I’m 37yrs old mom of 4. on my second marriage to a wonderful understanding and supportive man. All this and ADD to…lol it’s been a ride to say the least ๐Ÿ™‚

So okay my story–My childhood was pretty rough. I had a physically,emotionally and mentally abusive mother. My dad was there but I didn’t know if he liked me or tolerated me. I’ve always had trouble following directions and listening. My grades were not so good. I was pretty good at playing the flute–although it took me 3yrs before I actually understood how to read music but even before that I would just make up songs on the flute and people would think it was a real song..right now I’m teaching myself the piano and again I’m struggling a bit with the conventional way of learning–but I somehow can just start playing a song I’ve made up off the top of my head and people think its an actual song. I also sing. I have found over the years that I learn and do things unconventionally.

I’ve also found that I’m able to look at things differently that others may have not thought of. I used to think I was too dumb and lazy to be of any use in this life,,but after years of struggle,depression,destructive behavior and the list goes on, I’ve found this is a lie I bought into. No–I will never be a doctor or teacher. But I can still heal and teach others through other means. I’m amazed at how many things there to learn and do. I’ve discovered I have gifts/talents that others don’t. This world is so full of people just like us–you wouldn’t know it because they are hiding and trying so hard to ‘fit in’

I’ve learned to stop beating myself up and enjoy life being me–this was not easy–but its worth the work to get to this place. Right now as I write this I’m looking at piles of clothes that once again some how just appeared..and once again I will somehow find the motivation to clean it up without getting sidetrack for too long ๐Ÿ™‚

So what that I suck at some of the so called easy tasks in life–I’ll find a trick to get around it if I have to or ask or find someone to help me–there is no shame in that–no shame in our weaknesses,failures. There is always, always,always a way–it may not be easy sometimes–but we are used to not easy so what is one more hard thing if it will in the end help us out. We are not mistakes or dumb or lazy–we are really not that much different–even if school, society etc. says so.Society is a bit screwed up itself so why would I continue to believe everything they it says ๐Ÿ™‚ We ADD’s certainly are not alone–we have such similar stories–so we are not alone–or crazy,mental,dumb,lazy or whatever label there is. But each one of us has to find our gifts and then use them–they are not conventional –what is so great about being conventional all the time anyways? There are plenty of people to fill the conventional roles–I’m finally happy being who I am. I’m so much happier getting help where I’m weak so that I’m able to focus and use my strengths. My life is not about impressing anyone(I often have to remind myself of this) but happy in my own life. Get help,heal and build on what God gifted you with and you’ll find you’re gifted with much more than you could ever realize.