Sonny’s Story

I was diagnosed with ADD about 4 years ago and since have switched to a different medication. The medication works for me but even with medication and therapy, life is still a struggle.

I came here by way of the Philippines but was born here. I was mostly raised in the Philippines and came back here 18 years ago. My American dream still remains a dream due to my inability to better myself career wise. Financially, I’m probably nearing bankruptcy. I’m tired of the lateral moves and the lack of upward mobility. This has been the cause of my depression and anxiety. The future scares me and always heightened my anxiety. It’s a difficult existence.

I just received my Master’s and almost 2 decades of struggle attaining it. Although I’m more confident in applying for jobs, the confidence level is not enough to apply for better opportunities. I’m still attracted to jobs that are non-managerial or higher positions. My pay remains the same for almost 4 years now and this created a financial strain.

I’m married for 10 years and my wife also has a disability. We understand each other since we both struggled in life. We struggled together but we are trying our best to make most out of our lives. We don’t have kids and that decision was made long time ago given our disabilities. We can’t afford both emotionally and financially raising kids.

I am presently leaving a job of 2 years and 4 years total with the organization. I left the job due to overwhelming demands and the feeling that I’m outgrowing the job. I never really put in that much energy with the job due to lack of energy. I was going to school at the same time which took most of my energy. I gained a master’s degree but I’m losing a job.

I don’t know what the future looks like and what it has in store for me. The job search is off to a scary start given the state of the economy and the lack of job opportunities. My wife is supportive and hopefully I will get the job that works for me. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.

I really enjoyed reading the postings and I’m glad that I’m not alone with this diagnosis.