Reminders and Alarms

As an adult with ADD / ADHD, what are your favorite programs, apps or tools for reminders and alarms? Which ones have you been the most successful using?  Do different ones help with with different areas of your life? Are there ones that help you get places on time while others help you with productivity?

How often do you use reminders and alarms? Do you use them regularly or just until something becomes a habit? Do you use the same type of alarm or reminder or do you switch things up?

Did you learn how to use them on your own? Did you work with an ADD / ADHD Coach? Did you read about in a book? Did you learn about it in class?

Please feel free to share anything else related to being successful and productive when it come to using alarms and reminders!

Thank so much!

Remember we are all in this together! Sharing your tips and successes will help other adults with ADD / ADHD.