Understand and Clear ADHD Energetic Blocks

Laurie Dupar interviews ADHD Podcast co-host Tara McGillicuddy during the 2018 Succeed with ADHD Telesummit.

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If you have tried all the different tips and strategies from leading ADHD experts and you are still feeling stuck, you may have energetic blocks. Energetic blocks may contribute to being stuck and get in the way of moving forward. During this talk Tara McGillicuddy will discuss the concept of energetic blocks and how they relate to ADHD. She will also discuss the types of things which may be contributing to and increasing energetic blockages. She will also look at why people with ADHD may be more prone to energetic blocks than people with out ADHD. Finally she will talk about ways to prevent energetic blocks and ways to remove and clear energetic blocks.

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