Overcome Overwhelm Expert Series

Overcome Overwhelm with Lynne Edris, Alan Brown, Linda Hillger and Bonnie Mincu – Overcome Overwhelm Expert Series

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Break Through the Cycle of Procrastination and Overwhelm
Lynne Edris – Procrastination is one of the most debilitating challenges caused by our ADD / ADHD, creating stress, lost productivity, and costing us our self-esteem and our reputations. Expert ADD Coach Lynne Edris is joining us to address the feelings of Overwhelm that commonly lead to procrastination. Lynne will talk about what Overwhelm is, how it shows up, and why. You will walk away with some strategies for overcoming overwhelm when it hits, and tools to prevent becoming overwhelmed to begin with, so that you can Break Through the Cycle of Overwhelm and Procrastination.

5 Powerful Strategies to Escape the Overwhelm at Work, Home & School
Alan Brown – In this presentation Alan will share a range of strategies that will help Adults with ADD / ADHD Escape Overwhelm. This will be a uniquely engaging and original presentation, with none of the typical “Use color-coded folders!” tips. And as someone who has seen both sides of career fortunes – going from below-average career advancement despite hard work and long hours, to vice president and employee of the year at the nation’s largest ad agency, to co-founding and building a successful internet start up that was sold for over $10m – he can attest to the effectiveness of these strategies.

From Overwhelmed to Control
Linda Hillger – This session focuses on Easy Routines and Systems for Creating A Great Day and Getting Things Done Are you feeling overwhelmed with your day? Are you always rushing and can’t seem to catch up? If so, join us for this powerful 1 hour FREE session and learn fast routines and answers for creating extra time.

OVERWHELMED! 8 Techniques to Break through the Paralysis
Bonnie Mincu – Overwhelm is one of the greatest problems experienced by people with ADHD, yet one of the most overlooked. Because feelings of overwhelm are not visible to others, overwhelm is not accorded the recognition given to behavioral traits such as lateness, disorganization and procrastination. However, a great deal of the visible problems among ADHD people are a result of those individuals being paralyzed by overwhelm.This session will teach techniques for breaking out of “overwhelm,” the mental state experienced when one’s brain is flooded with thoughts and information, creating mental paralysis in many with ADHD.

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