Self Love, Acceptance and Adult ADHD

Co-host Lynne Edris is joined by Lani Lecielle to discuss the importance of self-love and acceptance in life as an adult with ADHD. You’ll learn why so many adults with ADHD struggle with self-acceptance, and some simple, practical strategies to help you start to see yourself as the extraordinary person you really are! Learn more about Lani’s online event for Neurodivergent Women at 

Lani Lecielle is not your average girl but a pizza loving, apple juice drinking, going to coach you through your struggle kind of girl! Being diagnosed with ADHD at 19, she’s had her fair share of experiences navigating life in the unknown and has made it her passion to help others. Native of the Virgin Islands, Lani is a vibrant self-love and transformation coach who helps people with ADHD, anxiety, and depression to get unstuck and to create the life you desire.

Learn more about Lani at: 

Podcast Co-Host Lynne Edris is a Productivity & ADHD Coach who helps overwhelmed professionals from all over the world learn to accomplish what they intend and take control of their days with ease so that they can perform at the level of their abilities and have more time, more energy and more bandwidth for what matters most to them. Lynne is a woman, wife, and mom with ADHD herself, so she understands the struggles and challenges of living with ADHD. She has gone from living in the constant state of chaos, overwhelm, and under-performance that adults with ADHD know far too well, to living a life of more success and fulfillment than she once dreamed possible. Her passion is to help others fulfill their own potential and start “firing on all cylinders” in all areas of your life. You can learn more about Lynne at, and text keyword “HACK” to 33777 to get her 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks for unfocused professionals!

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