Dee’s Story

I’m in my 30’s and am just realizing that I may have ADD. In the company of three of my friends on different occasions, they have constantly said that I do not focus.One of my friends is always talking to me and he says I always change the subject or get up and walk away…

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Lorainne’s Story

 I had always been the “lazy” and “slow” sibling in my family. I had to take remedial classes, I had tutors, I just didn’t catch half of what the teacher was saying. They even went so far as to check my hearing. It wasn’t until I got a job on campus at my college as…

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Chris’ Story

My name is Chris , and I live in Washington. I am almost 18, and am going to be a senior in high school. As a person with ADD i have always struggled in school, with people, and with attention span. Wow, there are just so many things that I feel that I struggle with…

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