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    Adult ADHD Isolation Support

    How to Move from Isolation to Connection with an ADHD Support Community

    Adult ADHD can be isolating but there are ways to become more connected. Learn how to move away from isolation and find connection with adult ADHD. Also learn about an online Adult ADHD Support community to help with connection.

    Adult ADHD Isolation Support

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    Tips and Suggestions for ADHD Support Talk Radio

    Hello everybody! Many of you have been listening to me on ADHD Support Talk Radio. I'm sure some of you have noticed that I hadn't recorded a show since July! That's almost 3 months! I am planning on doing shows again on a regular basiss after the ADHD Awareness Expo is over!.

    I'm thinking about revamping the show and making some changes. I'm not exactly sure what type of changes yet. This is where I could use your help!

    What are your suggestions?

    What type of topics would you like?

    Who would you like for me to have on for guests?

    What else would you like to share?

    Please be nice! šŸ™‚


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    Reminders and Alarms

    As an adult with ADD / ADHD, what are your favoriteĀ programs, apps or tools for reminders and alarms? Which ones have you been the most successful using?Ā  Do different ones help with with different areas of your life? Are there ones that help you get places on time while others help you with productivity?

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