Couples’ Seminar with Melissa Orlov – The ADHD Effect In-Depth

The ADHD Effect In-Depth with Melissa Orlov 

Turn around your relationship and learn to thrive!  This eight-session seminar will help you take the ideas from The ADHD Effect on Marriage and apply them to your own relationship.  Learn:

  • How to trust again
  • The steps you need to take to let go of your anger and frustration
  • How to move from “correcting our problems” to “enjoying each other”
  • Why there is hope for you and your partner…and how to tap into it
  • How to deal with a partner who is not yet in control of his or her anger
  • Ways other couples have used that encourage ADHD partners to embrace ADHD treatment
  • Finding joy and intimacy in your ADHD-impacted relationship


Wednesday, January 18, 2017, Session 1:  Optimizing ADHD Treatment
Tuesday, January 24, Session 2:  Two Critical Patterns In-depth; Defensiveness and Anger Intro
Tuesday, January 31, Session 3:  Anger; Parent/Child Dynamics; Moving to Recovery
Monday, February 6, Session 4:  Communication Strategies That Work
Monday, February 13, Session 5:  ‘Diagnosing’ Fights, and Chore Wars, So You Can Change Direction
Tuesday, February 21, Session 6:  Difficult to Understand Behaviors in Both Partners and What to Do About Them (Lying, Nagging and more); Rebuilding Trust
Tuesday, February 28, Session 7:  Finding Joy in Your ADHD-Impacted Relationship; Building Personal Intimacy
Tuesday, March 7, Session 8:  Sex, Desire, Course Recap and Next Step