CrusherTV – How to Whoop Negative Thinking

The power of negative thinking. No, it’s not a good thing. And you’re doin’ way too much of it. It’s making you miserable and slowing your brain, quantitatively. I’ll show you how to fix that. Coach Tara McGillicuddy shares wisdom on the matter as well, and there’s much more.

It’s true. And this Monday night Tara McGillicuddy be the guest expert on this new “TV show” called CrusherTV. It’s an online program that promises to “unleash the power of your brain.”

Hosted by productivity coach Alan Brown, CrusherTV takes an informative and entertaining approach to improving productivity and quality-of-life for busy people.

I’ll be joining Alan in providing interesting ways to get more stuff done in less time and with less stress. You can watch a very short preview of the episode to give you a sense of its mix of evidence-based information and humor at

I hope you can join us, and I do mean join, as — full disclosure — CrusherTV is a members-only affair. Don’t worry, it’s only a buck to try it out. My episode airs Monday night at 7pmPST/10pmEST.

Thanks, and hope to “see” you Monday night!