FREE Teleseminar : The Best Non-Medication Treatment for ADHD

There are numerous options to address the symptoms of ADHD, including coaching, therapy, exercise, diet, neurofeedback, sleep management, supplements, and, of course, prescription medication. Medication is the “easiest” treatment in that it only requires a prescription, a daily reminder, and some water. Other interventions, such as exercise, sleep, coaching, diet, take more effort and persistence to have an impact on symptoms of ADHD. In fact, they can be considered “work.” Face it, if these methods were “convenient,” fewer people might choose to take prescription medications. Dr. Kirsten Milliken is here to tell you—there is another option… PLAY! You already know how to do this—or at least you did long ago. Be ready to smile- because we will be asking you to engage in some play during the call. You will get insight into how play “works”, what play really is, and how to be more playful in order to better manage the symptoms of ADHD.