FREE Webinar: Get Unstuck with Mind Mapping

FREE Webinar

Get Unstuck with Mind Mapping: Your Best Tool for Writing, Planning or Study

Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time: 9:00 to 10:00 pm EDT (New York Time)

Instructor: Bonnie Mincu

Does your brain freeze up when you attempt to organize your thoughts
in writing, or try to plan out a project with multiple steps? Or do
your ideas whiz through your brain so fast you can’t corral them into
any kind of plan?

Whether you suffer from brain-freeze or free-floating brilliance,
without a way to turn thoughts and ideas into coherent planning or
action, you’ll remain stuck.

In “Get Unstuck with Mind Mapping,” you’ll learn a fast way to get
unstuck, in a way that works perfectly with ADD / ADHD minds.
Instead of forcing your thoughts into an orderly outline, mind
mapping allows you to visually follow your own swirling ideas, while
creating order out of the chaos as you go.

There’s no software required. In fact, you can do mind mapping
anywhere, any time. All you need is your own creative brain and a
pen and paper. ADHD Coach Bonnie Mincu has helped her clients
achieve breakthroughs through mind mapping in everything from writing
a law brief to thinking through how to ask the boss for a raise to
planning the details of a vacation.

Once you learn this fast and easy way to draw out and organize your
thinking on anything –you’ll be hooked!

Listen over the telephone or internet!

*You will be able to listen to a free replay until 6/28/2016.